Busy Bride Blueprint

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Here is what’s in the program:

• Custom Nutrition Guide: I show you exactly what foods
to eat…and more importantly, what foods you need to
avoid like the plague in order to achieve your goals!

• Reshaping Exercises: We detail the right kind of
workouts to produce the quickest results – especially
targeting your most ‘exposed area’ while wearing a
wedding gown: Arms and Back!

• 24 Hour Coaching: We are there for you when you have
questions, need clarifications…or in case you face a diet
or work out related hurdle!

• Habit-Based Training: The program walks you through
the creation of new ‘success habits’ to replace some any
poor habits currently standing between you and your

• Our Guarantee: That’s right. This program is guaranteed
or you get a full refund! Did that get your attention? The
details are below…